London in Bloom Awards

London in Bloom Awards The Annual Awards is where London in Bloom celebrates the efforts of London’s Boroughs, Communities, Businesses and individuals who do so much to make London a special place to live, work and visit.…

Business in Bloom

Since London in Bloom started in the 1960’s businesses have been involved in brightening up our High Streets and Town Centres across London.  Business who make a contribution to their Borough or Town can either enter through the Borough Competition (phone your Town Hall  or Civic Centre) and ask about the Borough in Bloom  campaign,

Grow Your Own

London in Bloom is not just about flowers, as a Charity we encourage individuals, communities, businesses and local authorities to participate in all forms of horticulture and gardening with an emphasis on the environment and conservation. Community participation is also high on our agenda, especially when individuals get together to grow food. So whether you

Londons Parks & Greenspaces

Public Parks & Gardens and our Green Spaces are among the most important places for Londoners and inded they form part of our heritage. Infinitely variable, large, small and often intimate places that can be enjoyed on many levels. For just sitting and enjoying the scenery, for sport and children’s play, for gardening and horticulture,

Londons Gardens & Gardeners

The efforts of London’s’ Gardeners can be seen all across London and each year judges are amazed at the number and quality of the gardens they are shown. But if you are proud of your front garden or a balcony and your Borough does not have an Annual Bloom Competition or does not participate in

What is London in Bloom?

London in Bloom is a campaign and competition where Boroughs, communities, residents, businesses can work together to improve the environment of London to make a greener, cleaner place to live, work and visit.

A 50th Anniversary Message from the Chair

London in Bloom was created in 1967 when the London Tourist Board decided that our Capital City should participate in Britain in Bloom (itself created four years earlier).
Tremendous support came along from a wide range of organisations, including The Royal Parks, the LCC, The London Chamber of Commerce, The Royal Horticultural Society, and from commercial sponsors like Thames Water. London in Bloom enjoyed entries from most of the Cities and Boroughs and was able to host prestigious Annual Launches and Awards.

However, time moved on, and so has the willingness and ability of organisations to provide practical help and support, especially financial. Britain in Bloom, formerly run by The Tidy Britain Group passed the baton to the RHS in 2002 and from that time London in Bloom has had to become financially self-sufficient,

To continue, London in Bloom introduced entrants’ fees in 2003, and this, fortunately, did not have a major effect on the numbers entering, and the campaign continued apace. However, it was a different story when the financial crises broke in 2008 and indeed continues to this day. Now, sadly, just over half of the eligible Cities and Boroughs now enter.

My fellow Trustees and I sincerely regret that Boroughs have withdrawn from London in Bloom, and feel that it is due to a misunderstanding rather than an understanding of what we are about. The Bloom provides a “third party validation” of the progress being made, or the efforts to maintain the quality of its services. It also gives Councils an opportunity to recognise the hundreds of thousands of hours of work that their residents do, voluntarily, and most commonly in support of the Council to make their Borough a nicer place to live in.

In 2004 London in Bloom changed the first past the post system of 1st, 2nd or 3rd to the current Awards system recognising Local Authorities with award certificates of Gold, Silver Gilt, Silver & Bronze, a system backed by a National Standard not just a pass or fail system. These awards truly reflect the standards being achieved. London in Bloom also now has a thriving Parks Category with over 150 Parks competing annually.

There was a sea-change in the Bloom campaign in 2006 when a new national category award of “It’s Your Neighbourhood” (IYN) was introduced by the RHS. Small local groups can now enter their community-run garden, take over neglected grot spots and enhance their Parks, residential area, streets and verges through Friends of Parks Groups, Community Gardening groups and local volunteers, many of which in areas where Councils are hard pressed to provide the standard of service previously provided.
Many London Councils have taken these initiatives on board and supported them by including them in their London in Bloom participation.

So does anyone reading this who resides in a London Borough or City which does not participate in London in Bloom, think they are missing out on a golden opportunity? It could be an opportunity to improve their locality, which they could make it a bit (or a lot) more attractive with only a minimum of Council help. See what your Ward Councillor thinks. We welcome your initiatives and supports and would draw your attention to our website at if you would like to know more about us.

We are sorry that Boroughs feel they are unable to enter, but for those who have not registered for some years, London in Bloom has changed considerably and has much to offer, and now it's not now all about Barrier Baskets, Hanging Baskets and Parks Bedding. We are much more concerned about the environment, community gardening and local participation, so why get us to explain how it works now. It does not have to be the whole Borough that enters; we have categories for Town Centres, Business Improvement Districts, Urban Communities, Villages, Parks & Green Spaces.

We also enable the London Cities and Boroughs to achieve recognition at the National Awards at Britain in Bloom, and this year we have no less than five of our Boroughs in the National Finals, as well as a London Village (Walthamstow) and London Bridge in Bloom, a Business Improvement District We, wish them the best of success in August this year.

In conclusion, may I on behalf of myself and all our Trustees express our appreciation of the work which all of our participants do to improve the quality of life for London’s residents, workers and visitors? We try to recognise this and to express our thanks, with the Annual Awards at London and National levels.

This year London in Bloom celebrates its 50th year a momentous occasion, and we would encourage all of Londons Boroughs & Cities to participate. We are proud of our campaigns and competitions in support of Greater London, and we hope that you too are proud of your essential part in it.


As we grow year-on-year we need judges to visit and assess our entries, so if you are a Parks Professional, Horticulturist, Gardener, keen amateur Conservationist or involved in community gardening and are keen to get involved email us your contact details and a brief history and we will contact you. You need not have judged before as training will be given. Please contact Peter Holman, Vice Chair London in Bloom


London in Bloom is pleased to announce our Britain in Bloom entries for 2017.

In the large City Category The London Boroughs of Hillingdon & Ealing.
In the City Category - The London Boroughs Islington, Tower Hamlets & Richmond upon Thames.

Walthamstow goes forward in the Urban Community Category and London Bridge in Bloom goes forward in the Business Improvement Category.