Park & Bloom

The efforts of London’s’ Gardeners can be seen across London and each year judges are amazed at the number and quality of the gardens they are shown. However, far too many front gardens are being paved over due to a lack of parking, which  often leads to water running off and causing local drainage or

Business Improvement Districts & Town centres

Since London in Bloom started in the 1960’s businesses have been a major contributor in brightening up our High Streets and Town Centres and creating destination hubs and visitor experiences across London.  Business also make contribution to the Boroughs of London who enter London in Bloom and several who go on to represent the Capital in

Londons Parks, Greenspaces & Heritage Parks & Gardens

Public Parks & Gardens and Green Spaces are among the most important places for Londoners and indeed they form part of our heritage. Infinitely variable; large and small, and often intimate places that can be enjoyed on many levels. Perhaps for just sitting and enjoying the scenery, for sport and children’s play, for gardens or

London in Bloom

London in Bloom  celebrates the efforts of London’s Boroughs & Cities, Business Improvement Districts, Towns & Villages, Town Centres, Community Gardening Groups,  Parks & Green Spaces, Businesses and individuals.  Through the annual category based competitions  London in Bloom recognises entries by awarding Bronze, Silver, Silver Gilt & Gold Awards  and other awards at an annual

Allotments & Grow Your Own

London in Bloom is not just about flowers,  and we welcome entries from Allotment sites, either via the local authorities entry into London in Bloom or in their own right.  If you are a member of an allotment society who manages the whole site voluntarily you could enter the RHS Its Your Neighbourhood Scheme administered

What is London in Bloom?

London in Bloom is a campaign and competition where Boroughs, communities, residents, businesses can work together to improve the environment of London to make a greener, cleaner place to live, work and visit. London in Bloom’s annual competition recognises and rewards participants with Certificates & Trophies at its annual award ceremony. To support our entries

London in Bloom 2018

London in Bloom 2018 is now open for entries.

Last year saw a record number of entries and at the London in Bloom awards hosted by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets London Boroughs, Towns, Town centres, Villages, Business Improvement Districts, Parks & Greenspace and not least Community Gardening Groups all received awards.
So, of you have not entered before just go to and either go to the Entry tab or the Enquiry tab and we will respond as soon as possible. London in Bloom is not just a competition, and its not all about annual flowers. We wish to encourage every gardener, amateur or professional to help us contribute to improving London environment. Issues such as local flooding, high levels of pollution, the loss amenity in some of our open spaces all impact on our lives as Londoners so we surely can do our bit to improve the quality of life for us all. Entering one of our categories is not complicated and judges or assessors when they visit will give valuable “feedback” to help you improve whatever you are trying to achieve.
So why not give us a try, not everyone will achieve Gold in their first year of entry, but we rarely give a no award so what is there to lose. If you want to know more why not sign up for one of our seminars when the dates are posted.

Hoping gardeners everywhere have a great 2018

Awards 2017 – The Art Pavillion – Mile End Park

London In Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards 2017, The Mile End Art Pavilion, Tower Hamlets, London – Chairman of London in Bloom, Geoff Hyde and David Domoney

London in Bloom Professional Services

London in Bloom has recently undertaken an assessment of a major London Borough's Housing Grounds Maintenance Service. The aim of which was to provide a third-party validation of the services being provided by the Grounds Maintenance provider. Each site/estate was visited and a grade given for each (Bronze, Silver, Silver Gilt and Gold) and a London in Bloom certificate as authentication. London in Bloom provided an overall report highlighting the areas of success and also where improvements could be made. This not-for-profit service is now available across Greater London with proceeds going to the charity. For more information please contact Peter Holman - CEO London in Bloom for more information. email: phone: 020 8662 1021

London in Bloom Judging & Assessment Dates 2018

The London in Bloom Capital Awards
  – London Boroughs & Cities, Towns, Town Centres, Villages, & Business Improvement Districts.

Judging  Dates June 25th – July 13th

The London in Bloom Parks & Greenspaces Awards – Parks, Country Parks, Conservation areas, Church Grounds & Cemeteries.

Judging Dates June 18th – July 13th

The London in Bloom Community Gardening Awards-  RHS Britain in Bloom Its Your Neighbourhood Awards

Assessment Dates June 18th – July 13th