Park & Bloom

5th January 2018 by admin066

The efforts of London’s’ Gardeners can be seen across London and each year judges are amazed at the number and quality of the gardens they are shown.

However, far too many front gardens are being paved over due to a lack of parking, which  often leads to water running off and causing local drainage or flooding issues. So, with a little thought and good design, leaving room for plants planted straight into the ground  will absorb excess rain and help to alleviate a London wide problem.  So why not join the Greening the Grey program or enter the London in Bloom new Park & Bloom category., This will require an image or two and some background information about your design and plantings sent to us at   Judges will assess the information provided and possibly arrange a visit to view. Awards will be presented at the London in Bloom Awards.  Should you require information about this new category please email us or call us on 020 8662 1021.